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Beautiful but dangerous: Scenic spots and hazards at the Scarborough Bluffs

You have likely seen images on social media overlooking Lake Ontario from the top of the Scarborough Bluffs. In some cases, foolhardy photographers venture out on the precipice of the bluffs to catch their own iconic photo of the lake and beaches below. The popularity of the site and weakness of the bluff’s edge has led to the construction of fences and signage indicating the hazard that lies beyond. Read More

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The Planet Earth Lab is driven by a fundamental curiosity to understand our planet earth. The lab’s research is focused, but not limited to, pursuing the study of glacial sedimentology, the study of the geologic record left behind by past cold climates and ice ages, and geospatial analysis. The lab is headed by Prof. Nick Eyles, a Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) with more than 30 years of experience conducting field work internationally to understand present and past glacial activity. Current research is looking to improve our understanding of glacial landforms and their process of formation by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as drones and machine learning. The lab is also driven to leverage new approaches to learning in geosciences such as interactive modules and virtual field trips. This is a revolutionary new step in “bringing the field into the classroom”.


Nick Eyles

Nick Eyles has been a Professor of Geology at UTSC since 1982 after having graduated from the universities of Leicester, Memorial (Nfld) and East Anglia, and lectured at Newcastle University. He is interested in the geologic record of cold climates and ice ages throughout Earth history and how that reflects the broader plate tectonic setting in which such deposits occur. He has worked on all continents; his most recent investigations were in Congo. He has spent many years completing research projects at modern ice sheets and glaciers and has worked with the International Ocean Drilling program in Antarctica. He has written or edited specialist geology books and those for the public, many of which have won awards. He hosted a major documentary series (Geologic Journey for CBC) and others which have been nominated for Gemini awards. He is the recipient of the Ward Neale Medal from the Geological Association of Canada and the McNeill Medal from the Royal Society of Canada, as well as from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and Geoscience Information Society for his public outreach.

PhD Students and Affiliates

Shane Sookhan

Shane is a geospatial data analyst and glacial geomorphologist with an interest in developing technologies to help better understand our changing environment and model the past and future of continental ice sheets. He completed his undergraduate and Masters degree at the University of Toronto Scarborough and is currently working on his PhD where he is developing geospatial and machine learning-based methodologies to map and analyse subglacial landforms from high-resolution LiDAR-derived elevation datasets to better understand glacial dynamics. He is also a software and eLearning developer and is a co-founder of Let’s Rock Ontario and Planet Earth Online.

Kirsten Kennedy

Kirsten is a geologist with an interest in Earth’s paleoenvironments though deep time. She started studying Earth Science during her BSc at the University of Victoria. She did a Masters degree at Dalhousie University where she investigated how very early plants came to colonize different parts of the landscape. Afterwards, she came to the University of Toronto where she worked on a PhD studying how to recognize very ancient glacial deposits in the sedimentary record. Since graduating, she has been involved with a number of ‘online learning’ initiatives, which improves the accessibility of geology and brings the geological heritage of Ontario to a wider audience.

Andrew Zajch

Andrew is an applied climatologist with an interest in the interactions between climate and tourism resources. He received a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences from the University of Toronto Scarborough studying the intrinsic connections of shallow geothermal systems, known as earth-air heat exchangers, and their surrounding climates. Currently, he is assisting the lab with science outreach initiatives including the lab blog.


Niko Putkinen

Dr. Niko Putkinen is a Senior Scientist at the Geological Survey of Finland where he manages Scandinavia’s largest groundwater exploration project in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. He graduated from University of Oulu, spending a Post Doc year at the Planet Earth Lab in UTSC on ice streaming over soft and hard beds of the Laurentide ice sheet and modern environments at Saskatchewan Glacier. His current interests are linking different glaciated terrains to regional scale 3D mapping and aquifer systems, and urban geology. He is cross-appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Helsinki.

Masters and Undergrad Students

Syed Bukhari

Syed Bukhari is a Masters student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Geoscience and submitted a thesis on subglacial debris transport. His current work continues to strive towards better understanding glacial dynamics. His recent publication has established the importance of subglacial erosion on hard beds in southern Ontario. He is interested in educational outreach and communicating science through everyday stories -but most interested in exploring Ontario on his Suzuki motorcycle.

Mehmet Duyan

Mehmet Duyan graduated from Hacettepe University in Turkey and is interested in glacial placer deposits. He is completing an M.A.Sc. on the sedimentology, geochemistry and origin of the Port au Port Bay chromite placer deposit in western Newfoundland. Detrital chromite has been concentrated in nearshore sediments by coastal erosion of a chromite-bearing glacial outwash fan deposited at the mouth of the Fox Island River basin at the end of the last ice age. The original source of chromite is the Lewis Hills ophiolite complex consisting of ultrabasic upper mantle rocks emplaced against North America during the Iapetus Ocean closure. It is a story repeated in many areas of Canada and Mehmet’s work is throwing new light on the origins of other glacial placers notably the gold placer deposits of British Columbia.

Alan Yu

Alan is a fourth-year specialist candidate in Environmental Physics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His current research involves determining the movement of ancient ice sheets based on their remnant landforms. He is open to studying a broad range of planetary physics, from mantle convection to glacial dynamics. Outside of work, he enjoys working on his car and plans to bring it on a track soon.

Patrick Peng

Patrick is a 4th year geoscience undergraduate. He is currently working on the project “The Glacial Map of Canada” . This has mainly consisted of mapping out different drumlin continuums to interpret how ice flows through a specific region. Besides that, he is also interested in learning how to apply his geoscience knowledge into tackling real world problems, such as energy security, water supply, wastewater systems, and population forecasting.


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